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United Skates

This is not my typical blog post, so bear with me.

If you know me in real life, you know that I am the kind of person who tries very hard to help those for which I care.  I do not help, or try to help, because I am waiting to see what I will get in return.  I attempt to help because I believe that with just a little help, nudge, or loving push, the people or things for which I care can succeed.   I always help because it feels good to do so.  A pay it forward kind of feeling.

Having said all of that, let me get right to the point.

I have this amazingly talented and beautiful friend.  Some of you may have seen my postings about my dear friend Dyana ‘s United Skates Kickstarter campaign on my personal Facebook page.

Others may have seen my shameless requests for votes to help push United Skates over the top and win IndieWeek’s feature film contest (which they WON!! Thank you to all who voted!).

Well, I am at it again. You see– there are only 11 days left in the Kickstarter campaign and United Skates is short just $4,656 for the goal of $50,000 phase one funding for the documentary. I am hopeful CONFIDENT they will make goal.

All they need is just a little help from friends…. or friends of friends… or family of friends… or complete strangers even.

A Pay it Forward kind of help.

***There is an Angel Donor that has agreed to match any pledges made today.  HOW AWESOME IS THAT?!?***

$4,656 from goal.  That’s insanely close!!

Please take a moment to consider helping to finish “lacing up the skate”. Any amount is helpful and will be matched if made today— if 233 people gave just $10 each??  The campaign would gain $2,330 that would be matched– for a total of $4,660!!  They would make their goal in ONE DAY!!  United Skates would be ROLLIN’!!

Ok.. bad pun.

But seriously, please consider helping. Watch the trailer on the Kickstarter page.. you’ll get hooked as fast as I did!

If you are unable to donate– YOU CAN STILL HELP!!  Share this post.  “Like” the United Skates Documentary page on Facebook.  Tell your friends…. your family… even strangers about this project!! (except for the creepy ones.. that’s just scary)

Thank you so much for taking the time to read this and consider helping out an awesome woman complete an awesome project!!