Setting my intentions..

I’ve had a couple of weeks now to reflect on 2016 and what I would like to set my intentions upon in 2017. As turbulent as 2016 was for the kids and I with the house (which is still not solved…it’s a nightmare quite honestly) and with my health (I’m a zebra according to my endocrinologist!!), I found myself dwelling on nothing but negativity. I found myself giving up on many things…and on many people…and on my faith..and I didn’t put as much time or effort into my business as I wanted. I do not like any of that. At all.

So, my intentions for 2017 are many, but also very attainable. I wish to spend more time with my family. I wish to rebuild relationships with a few people. I wish to spend more time on my business and really getting to know my customers. I wish to spend less and save more. I wish to close the house saga… Whatever may come of it, I know that we will be okay. I wish to spend more time with Jason to continue building our relationship and making memories together. I wish to spend much more time on gratitude and just plain being more thankful for the amazing people in my life and the many blessings I tend to overlook because I’m too focused on the negative.

I struggled with my business because I did not have a clear vision of what I wanted and needed from it. I have thought long and hard on this. Yes, I want and need the additional income it has provided, but I want more. One of the things that I learned about myself in my graduate program is that I am a tried and true Servant leader. I am at my best and my happiest when I am helping others. So, in that light, I would like to focus my business on helping others. I plan to focus on fundraisers. I plan to focus on helping those that choose to join me on my journey to become successful. I understand that I will not make as much as I could while doing fundraisers as the majority of my commission will go to the causes/groups I assist….and I am okay with that. It was never truly about the money for me….it was about finding my purpose and my passion again. My purpose and passion is, and always has been, helping others. Be it building their own business, motivating another person to rise above and overcome, assisting in earning money for sports teams or groups, helping a family in a difficult time ( like a foreclosure, maybe? Medical bills?), or for causes like homelessness, animal rescue, veteran’s assistance, disease research….I want to be able to help. This is my purpose. This is my WHY.

I have a lot of work to do to make my intentions reality. And, if I am being honest? I’m actually excited about something for the first time in a very long time. I know that I possess the knowledge and skills to achieve everything that I desire…I just need the courage to start and the momentum to continue.

What intentions have you set for your year ahead? Do you have a plan? Have you started putting pieces in motion? I would love to talk to others setting course on making 2017 a fantastic and fulfilling year!!

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