My First Minimalist Attempt….

I decided to tackle the kitchen today.  It’s not finished yet, but I have made some incredible progress!

Here is my kitchen counter before I started this afternoon:



And here it is after!  I’m super thrilled with the results!



another shot...

another shot…








I also got a very full garbage bag out of the house, too!  I grabbed a tote from the basement to stash my sell/donate items and already filled it up!

Donate / sell

So, all and all, a productive day!  Still a LOT of work to do– lots of cabinets to clear out and a bunch of other surfaces to tackle.  Next up?  Microwave cart and refrigerator!

I am feeling slightly overwhelmed and sore, but I am absolutely digging the clear counters!  I forgot how much room I actually had up there! I am excited about this adventure, and hoping that the kids don’t wreck it in a day!! *sigh*



2 thoughts on “My First Minimalist Attempt….

    • Jonathan,
      Thanks so much for the comment!! It surely is a much better feeling to see open space than clutter! Unfortunately, I’m working against three kids to keep it that way!! haha! Slow and steady progress, though, so I’m okay with that! Thank you for the link as well! I will certainly check it out!

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