Progress, perhaps?

Strive for progress, not perfection.


I think I mentioned that I’m attempting to eat Clean.  I do not recall if I mentioned I have been challenged to complete a 5K?   I also agreed to an extra fun challenge– transform myself into a Victoria Secret Model in 180 days.  The other participant has agreed to transform himself into a Hollister Male model physique in 60 days.  He is a lot thinner, younger, and much more in shape than I…. that’s why he only gets 60 days.  I compare it to bowling.. the worst bowler has the biggest handicap.  Yeah, I’ve got the biggest handicap.

So, one day, we are chatting on AIM (yeah, some people do still use it.. shut it) and the conversation looks pretty much like this…

Hollister: You don’t have 180 days… you have 39.

Me: WHAT?!  What do you mean I only have 39 days?? I have 180!

Hollister: No…. you have 39.  The 5k you agreed to run is in 39 days.

Me:  FML.

No effing way. It’s impossible.  I’m simply not able to pull off a 5k in 39 days!  I know I’ve mentioned that I had been a runner in my younger years, but, that was 19 years ago.

*Pause to let that set in….*

The last time I ran a race was 19 years ago.  Half of my life ago.  Completely unreal— not that I haven’t run a race in that long, but that I’m actually THAT OLD!!!  AAAACK!  I’m not certain how this is going to go.  As I stated, I accepted the challenge, and am on Day 6 of 39.  So far, I’ve only watched my diet, walked, and ‘shuffle jogged’ as I have named it– you know it.. that basically walking pace, but you’re bouncing as you would if you were jogging?  Yes.. that.  I figure, so long as I can perfect that, it’ll never seem as if I’m walking during my race!  Right?!?   As of this morning, I have lost a mere 3 lbs in those 6 days.  I had hoped it’d be a whole lot more, but I’m not complaining!  Slow and steady… Slow and steady….

I do feel myself getting stronger.  I was very concerned because my first ‘real’ workout left me with burning arches and shins.  The burning arches came about after (badly) completing the “Muffin Top Meltdown” dvd.  I was certain if the planks and sumo squat jumps with a kettlebell didn’t kill me, the burning arches would.  I was CRAZY sore! 

By the way— may I mention that planks seriously SUCK??  Holy crap.  Just saying.

So, anyway, I was very close to quitting this challenge because of the crazy pain in my shins and arches– but chose, instead, to do a little research on my trusty friend Google.  I learned that my both of my ailments could very well be due to a need for orthodics.  Of course I’m thinking those horribly ugly taupe shoes with the super-thick heel on one and normal heel on the other.. or those crazy expensive pieces of moulded plastic that fit inside the shoe bed.  Turns out?  Walgreens carries a few different type of arch support inserts!  Yay Me!  I bought the mid-range priced pair.  On Monday, I went walking with a few girlfriends of mine at the track near my home, and wore the insoles.  Would you believe?!?  Not a SINGLE bit of burning shins or arches!!  I was so thrilled!  I didn’t want to get too excited yet, because it was only one day– and I had taken a day off of walking for rest, so the pain could easily come back.  It DID NOT!! Not only did I walk again this morning with my girlfriends, I walked faster! I cannot believe how a $15 pair of inserts has made such a HUGE difference!!  I haven’t tried it yet with the workout dvd to see if the side to side motion still hurts, but I know that walking is SO much less painful on my dainty shins!  🙂

So, I’m proud to say that I have NOT quit the challenge– and have absolutely NO intention of doing so!  I feel SO much more mentally clear after walking.  The combination of friends, exercise, and fresh air certainly agrees with me! 

I am choosing to believe that the relief of shin/arch pain is progress–not perfection, as I am still sore elsewhere– but progress, nonetheless.  Next thing to tackle is to start the actual jogging for more than a few hundred meters………

I added a fun poll to this post… Please vote! 🙂  Thanks for reading and responding!


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