Hmmm.. will a babysitter take one of the kids as payment?!?

Seriously?  Has anyone SEEN what sitters charge these days?!  I’d have to sell a kidney to afford some of them!  I’m losing my favoritist summer sitter this year, as she got a ‘real’ job.  Can’t blame her, really.  She is almost in college, and needs to pay some bills!  Plus, I’m sure she’d like some conversation that doesn’t include barbie dolls, bakugan and tween drama.

So, yeah, the sitter search…..  unreal!  I joined SitterCity to locate some possibilities for child care–summer, evening (for dating, of course, when I’m not disgusted with men anymore…), and after-school care once the ex-husband leaves for some crazy school thing in the fall.  I became disheartened quite quickly as I read some of the profiles of the sitters and their salary requirements.  A lot of them are barely qualified to take care of my fish, let alone my children, and are looking for $15 an hour!!  Now, I am not cheap… but I AM a single mom and simply cannot afford to pay a fortune for sub-par child care.

On a good note, I did have one young lady apply to my post, and after some additional stalking  research with the help of my co-worker, she seems like a keeper!  We’ve emailed back and forth a few times already, and will be meeting next week to see if she is a good fit for my family.  I’m excited to meet her after our few exchanges– she seems to have a great personality, a plan, education… I think she will be good for my kids.

My question for all of you is…. how have you found child care?  Friends?  Family members?  Placed an ad somewhere?  Church/religious community?  I’d love to hear ideas, as I’m always on the lookout for a sitter, and well, considering I joined a site similar to an online dating site… I could use the help!!!


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